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Our Vision

The terms artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are much over-hyped. This industry is exploding and there are many…

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Our History

The Advantage Data team has more than 50 years combined experience in data science and machine learning. The team have…

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Contact Us

Contact us and one of our data scientists will be in touch to discuss how we can turn your data…

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Our Service

Artificial Intelligence SEO

AI SEO – Introducing Rankster the world’s best AI Algorithm for SEO At Advantage Data we have created the world’s most advanced AI SEO tool…

Digital Marketing

At Advantage Data our point of difference when it comes to digital marketing is we specialise in using machine learning to design, analyse, and optimise…


Chatbots are a great way to capture data and to give users immediate feedback that engages them in your product. The number of chatbot applications…

Customer Analytics

At Advantage Data we specialise in using machine learning customer analytics techniques to analyse everything about your customers, from initial acquisition, retention, cross marketing/up sell…

Risk Analytics

Risk analysis has become an important AI/machine learning application. At Data Advantage we specialise in risk analytics which includes, fraud detection, credit risk analysis/underwriting, error…

Data valuation and commercialisation

Data valuation and commercialisation is a new and exciting field in data science. Precious little has been done in the past to value a business’s…

Explainable AI

Explainable AI has become a popular topic due to an explosion in AI applications and an increased focus from regulators requiring some sort of interpretation…

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is finally a reality, and Advantage Data provides expertise, capability, advice and training in this new and exciting field. The challenge in harnessing…

Strategic Advisory

Advantage data’s experienced consultants have decades of senior analytics, management and consulting experience, and serve as mentors, catalysts and advisors in creating, Fostering and deriving…

Our Team

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky

Founding Partner

Damon Rasheed

Founding Partner

Antanas Guoga

Distinguished Advisor

Theo Voronov


Andrej Kudriavcev

Senior Data Engineer

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