The value of data – A Facebook case study

As consumers we can reasonably observe or guess the value of our “data” as we go about our internet life — eg social media, news, videos on YouTube, shopping on eBay, leaving digital trails and monetised in various ways, eg advertising eyeballs, aggregated advertising profiles, etc. There is a browser extension that allows you to […]

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How does quantum computing work?

Quantum computing is currently 100 million times faster than your laptop. This technology could be the biggest technological advance we have seen since the invention of the PC. But how does it work? We explain that in this article.

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Blockchain technology and data valuation

Over the last 6 months I have consulted on numerous ICOs and amerced myself in the Blockchain space. I’ve heard claims that Blockchain will be the biggest technology innovation in the last 20 years and together with AI  will change the world forever. I tend to think Blockchain is over hyped and AI is definitely […]

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