Artificial Intelligence SEO

AI SEO – Introducing Rankster the world’s best AI Algorithm for SEO

At Advantage Data we have created the world’s most advanced AI SEO tool that uses explainable AI to tell webmasters exactly what they need to do to improve search engine optimisation (SEO). We developed our AI SEO algorithm to create some transparency for webmasters looking to help improve their Google ranking. Many SEO companies focus on link building and other outdated SEO techniques, so using AI we set about finding out what’s important in improving rankings. It turns out that there are often low hanging fruit items that can be addressed to significantly improve rankings.

The Rankster process starts by first providing a list of keywords that you are interested in ranking for. This can be up to 150 keywords, the more the better. The AI SEO algorithm will then collect up to 1000 bits of information about your site and each of your competitors for the top 100 search results for each keyword. As you can imagine this creates a large data set of SEO features that our AI algorithm uses to do the analysis. Typically, a data set will contain more than 15,000 rows and 1,000 columns. In total, we are collecting a staggering 15 million data points about your site and your closest competitors.

Once the 15 million SEO data points have been collected, our propriety AI SEO algorithm will then go off and do its thing and determine which factors are most important for improving your ranking. Importantly, comparisons are done against each competitor in your industry. This is an important distinction compared to most SEO tools. Our algorithm will compare your sites characteristics relative to your competitors which makes sense given you only need to outrank your competitors.

The output is actionable items which are selected from the over 1000 features collected. Broadly speaking the categories fall into site performance, site accessibility, site coding, site content, site navigation, site linking strategies (both external and internal. There are several tools and widgets that are then used to help action this output. For example, if title texts and descriptions come up as an issue, our natural language processing algorithm will help you optimise your title texts and descriptions to maximise click-through rate. There are also tools to optimise onsite text as well as finding the best backlinks in your industry. A lot of the AI SEO suggestions also revolve around onsite fixes. This is especially the case if you are using WordPress or other templated CMS systems that can operate a little on the slow side and have lots of redundant coding. We also specialise in cleaning up sites to improve rankings if you don’t already have your own internal resources to do it.