Digital Marketing

At Advantage Data our point of difference when it comes to digital marketing is we specialise in using machine learning to design, analyse, and optimise your digital marketing campaigns. Our services are described below. If you have a need for one or more of these services, contact us and ask for a free assessment of your requirements and we can quote you on your needs.

We have been active in marketing in competitive spaces for a number of years, so we have developed a tool kit across social media, paid search, organic traffic and eDM marketing to deliver you a great customer acquisition solution across a number of possible campaigns. We will also analyse each campaign to determine which ones are providing the best value for money so you can optimise your spend.

Part of our customer analytics strategy involves what is known as A/B testing where we test what is suggested by our model against what is currently in place and only when there is statistical evidence that the new approach is performing better than the old approach will we swap them over and the process continues when a new test is ready to be run.

Most firms do a form of A/B testing, however we go beyond the market. We can design and optimise multivariate experiments to increase the chances of finding the optimal combination of advertising strategies for your business.

We can test and optimise the following elements:

  • Performance attribution
  • Audience selection, segmentation and targeting
  • Content
  • Platform/channel selection

We can enhance your existing marketing data assets with machine learning to discover relationships and features that are associated with profitable target markets. Our methodology involves testing variants of audience, content, platforms, online channels to design and deploy multivariate experiments.

Performance attribution

An accurate and comprehensive end-to-end system for campaign performance tracking and attribution is essential to execute a data-driven and optimised digital marketing strategy. We can help plan and design the data structures required so that your spend is accountable and optimised.

Audience selection

We can assist with identifying and selecting audiences from first-party data or from third-party acquiried or programmatic ad populations. Machine learning can be used to recommend an optimal subset of customers based on their similarity to previously profitable segments. We can also recommend subsets of audiences based on different campaign goals and phases, for example, pilot testing and determine the optimal spend and size for a range of campaign budgets (eg maximum budget, minimum return on spend).


Personalising content may offer competitive advantages as the graphics, wording and offers are tailored for specific customer segments to maximise response and conversion.

Platform/channel selection

We recommend a portfolio approach to selecting marketing platforms. At any time, the effectiveness vs cost tradeoffs can differ significantly. Retargeting using cross-channel can be effective and requires careful planning and execution.