Strategic Advisory

Advantage data’s experienced consultants have decades of senior analytics, management and consulting experience, and serve as mentors, catalysts and advisors in creating,

Fostering and deriving strategic value from data science and data analytics functions. Our advisory services are generally engaged on a retainer model, and available anywhere in Australia, the Asia Pacific, Europe or the Americas.

Our highly experienced founders and senior staff are industry leaders with significant senior management and data analytics experience. They provide advisory services in:

Data Analytics Capability Development

Creating and Transforming Data Analytics and Data Science Teams – We have extensive proven experience in advising new analytics functions form inception: including staffing, structure, reporting, incentives, success criteria, as well as methods, workflow.

Similarly, we assist in the transformation and growth of existing analytics and data science capabilities, performing review, gap analysis and advice on growth and change. As much as possible, we seek to effect knowledge transfer and ensure that any repeated data analysis is performed by your team. Our aim is to make our clients as self-sufficient as possible – and then to assist with the next challenge.

We have a particular focus on cultural, behavioral and incentive aspects of team development. A key component of a successful data science team is one with a sense of exploration or play – we foster a truly agile, exploratory, experimental approach to data science and analytics, essential for a rapidly evolving and highly competitive environment with imperfect information.

Where appropriate we can also develop analytical tools to support key decision making functions.

Executive Advisory

Supporting Executives in becoming more effective, discerning and confident owners of analytics capability.

Modern executives are increasingly looking to manage their analytics functions more effectively. We have proven ability in providing key strategic support – mentoring the executive to becoming a more effective, discerning and educated and demanding manager of analytics.

Our focus is on business value, not on obscure technical detail. While we are experts in advanced analytics, we have no interest in promoting any particular technology, tool or product – our interest is only in creating an educated client with a more discerning eye for value.

We assist with identifying resources, objectives, structure and work style to achieve value and success with analytics. This is a process that includes mentoring / education, exploration of data, culture and sociological factors within the organisation.

Insights and Value

Data contains the keys to better decision-making – the future: risks, opportunities and key factors of change all reside within it, there for the able executive to use and make confident and superior decisions. Understanding what the data is saying is however not easy. We assist executives in extracting the secrets hidden in the data, but also translating them into simple, friendly and intuitive common language.

We also assist in a key first step: before a question can be answered it has to be asked. We mentor executives in taking this first step, assisted with simple but increasingly powerful tools.

Strategic Analytics

Advantage data are experts in the use of advanced analytics, including forecasting, advanced statistical tools and “wisdom of crowds” collective intelligence methods for superior strategic decision-making.

We can act as your decision support advisors (trusted intelligence agents!) performing key analysis, collecting vital and hard-to-obtain data and performing analysis specifically for better strategic foresight, decision making,

Competitive advantage and solutions to complex strategic challenges / environmental adversity.