Competitive Data Science

Advantage Data is named after the key kind of value that real Data Science provides – competitive advantage.

Real data science is done with specific, measurable value in mind – and usually competitors trying to do much the same thing. The rewards are great for those who are consistently the best. Often there are no second prizes.

We provide our clients with a competitive edge, with a proven track record of providing effective solutions for clients at all points in their data science development.

For beginners: we introduce them to the key basics of measuring value and entering the game of data-driven competition. It is vital that the teams come along on the journey – the most crucial aspect of this is that they understand the stakes of the competition, and the measure of success.

For those already engaged in data-informed competition: we advise on improving their data science performance, most often in terms of predictive accuracy, either as coaches or as your trusted data science Special Forces team. Let us be the engine of your competitive success, or call on us when things get tricky. We can do it for you, teach your people, or work with you as one  team.

Truly competitive domains present new challenges, including diminishing margins and a rapidly changing landscape. Adaptability and a thorough understanding of data science technology are key, as is listening to the data in its own language – statistics.

The rewards to the winner are however great and success is undeniable. All methods are on the table, and the only restriction is to win – success is undeniable, immediate and clearly attributable – a dream domain for capable, creative data scientists. This is what makes competitive data science so compelling to its practitioners.

Our extensive experience in this arena includes such highly competitive domains as sports betting and financial trading, where we have authentic claims to experience and more notably success, and as practitioners and stakeholders, not merely advisors. We know what it means to have skin in the game, and we know what it means to win.

We have also assisted clients in edge-creating methods in areas as diverse as energy generation, digital marketing, geophysical mineral search, medical technology, fast moving consumer goods pricing, government compliance services and credit underwriting.

Our competitive advisory services include being your trusted competitive data science arm. Alternatively, we can develop your competitive edge in-house and advise and coach your team to reach their competitive best.

We combine domain knowledge in a multitude of business areas discussed above and many others besides, along with deep technical experience in machine learning, statistics and visualisation.Where appropriate we introduce testing and experimentation strategies, and tools to assist in the management of data collection and analysis.

Along with our genuine technical experience with a proven ability to coach, mentor and develop teams, managers and executives, as well as our own senior management experience.

We also recognize that analytics can help distinguish teams within an organisation, and that this too is a form of competition. Our expertise includes supporting team leaders and executives in key relationship management and communication strategies to maximise internal success as well as its positive impact on the analytics team.