Dr Eugene Dubossarsky

Founding Partner

Dr. Eugene Dubossarsky is a partner and co-founder of Advantage Data Eugene holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning (Neural Networks) and brings 22 years of commercial data science experience. He is a leader in the Data Science field in Australia, founding and running a number of communities in the space with thousands of members. His analytics training business, Presciient, has trained hundreds of aspiring data scientists in corporate, startup, government and health sectors.

As a consultant, he assists businesses with data science strategy, both in creating and expanding and building their data science capability, as well as leveraging it for strategic and operational decision making. He also assists companies in the deep technical aspects of data science, providing advice on advanced methods to improve data science performance and deliver more measurable value. Eugene is particurly interested in new fields of data science including data valuation, blockchain and quantum computing.

He is also the Chief Data Scientist of AlphaZetta, an international analytics consulting firm spanning 27 countries and 330 consultants. Eugene is the creator of the open source data visualisation tool ggraptR, and a regularly invited conference presenter, trainer and media interviewee on data science issues.